REACTISCAPE – a mobile reactive music application

REACTISCAPE is a mobile reactive music application designed to generate a musical composition in realtime based on the sounds of the soundscape around you! By recording and resampling all sounds coming into the microphone of your smartphone, and adding some synthesised musical elements, REACTISCAPE creates a musical experience that will create a stronger connection between you and your surrounding environment.

Use it to explore the sounds of the city, as an alternative to your regular music listening or just to experience something different! 

Designed and programmed by Sebastian Hastrup as part of a master’s thesis in media technology. To use REACTISCAPE, you need to install MobMuPlat by Iglesia Intermedia on your mobile device. It’s available for both iOS and Android.


  1. Install MobMuPlat on your iOS device. 
  2. When MobMuPlat is installed, click the REACTISCAPE download button above from the browser on your iOS device. This will give you the option to open “” with MobMuPlat. Do so. 
  3. The iOS device will switch over to MobMuPlat and tell you that the file extraction went well. 
  4. Before starting REACTISCAPE, go to the Audio/MIDI settings and ensure that the sample rate is 44.100 Hz, buffer rate is at least 32 samples and that MobMuPlat can run in the background.
  5. Go to the file browser in MobMuPlat and locate reactiscape.mmp. Click it to activate REACTISCAPE.